Tips to Change Screen Timeout in Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - February 13, 2015

Are you satisfied with the default screen timeout settings in Windows 8? Modifications on the screen timeout settings accidentally happen? If you have these two problems, you can use this tutorial to resolve your annoyances completely.

The following is detailed steps:

1. Log into the Windows 8 using your account.

2. Open the desktop from the start screen.

3. Hit Win and C keys to pull out the Charm bar and click Settings.
settings control panel

4. Click on Control Panel and select System and Security.
system security

5. Click on Power Options.
power option

6. On Power Option window, click the Change plan settings option representing the power plan is selected now.

7. On the opened Edit Plan Settings window, click the drop-down button beside the Turn off the display.
turn off display

8. Once it is done, click Save changes to save the modifications that you have made.

Note: The screen timeout duration is only set for your current user account that might be the standard account or the administrator account. If you want to keep the same screen timeout duration for all the user accounts on the computer, you must configure each account individually.

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