The Uses of Escape Key on The Computer Keyboard

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 16, 2014

I’m sure that the Escape key, often labeled as the ESC key in your computer keyboard, is no stranger to you. Maybe you don’t often use it when working on your PC. But in fact, it has various uses that you don’t know. As long as you press it in combination with other keys may also result in other specific functions.

Canceling a Command

The Esc key is usually used to stop, cancel or abort a command in the computer. Besides, the key plays the role as a shortcut for stop button in web browsers. For example, if you open a wrong website accidentally, you can directly press Esc key to stop browser from loading the current page.

Launching Task Manager

Apart from the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager in various Windows operating systems.

Switch Between Applications

Pressing Alt+Esc or Alt+Shift+Esc can make you cycle through programs on taskbar in the order they were opened or accessed.

Pausing Games or Terminating Playback and Presentation

The Esc key can be utilized to stop the running of a slideshow in Powerpoint, Keynote and other presentation programs. When you play a full screen of many video programs, you can press this key to return the playback window to normal screen size. In most PC games, the Esc key can be used to Pause the game or bring up the game’s main menu.

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