Steps to Create a System Repair Disc on Windows 7/Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - May 12, 2014

It is easy and handy to use the system recovery disc to boot up the Windows 7/8 when your PC suddenly crushes down. But before you use that function, you have to burn CD or DVD with a few steps. In this post, we provide a complete and easy-to-follow tutorial.

What can you do with a System Repair Disc?

All useful tools will be available when your Windows runs into trouble, including System Restore, the Command Prompt, recover Windows using a specific system image and use the available automatic repair tools.


Step One: Insert a empty CD or DVD.

It’s necessary to insert a blank CD or DVD into the optical drive before you access the creating repair disc function. Otherwise, you will receive the error message showed below. Considering that the Windows requires around 223MB space, you shall select a proper empty CD.


Step Two: Access the Create a System Repair Disc Wizard

For windows 7 users:

1.Click Start and click All Programs on the bottom to display the full menu .
2.Scroll down the list, find and click Maintenance, where you can find the Create a System Repair Disc option.
3.Click on Create a System Repair Disc to activate the installation wizard.


Also, you can click Start and then go to Control Panel and System and Security sequently. On the right column, you can notice the Backup and Restore link. When you click on that link, In the left column, the Create a system repair disc will show up. This will be able to launch the wizard likewise.



For windows 8 users:

1.Sweep to right corner of the screen with mouse to activate Start screen. Select Settings category and type file recovery in the search column.


2.Next, Windows 7 File Recovery will be displayed on the left search results section. Click it and the Windows 7 File Recovery window will open up.

3. Click Create a system repair disc link on the left to open wizard.


Step Three: Create a System Repair Disc

1. If you have already plugged in a CD/DVD beforehand, you now can select it from the drop-down box. Afterwards, click Create disc.


2.The Windows prompts that it is creating the disc. After a while, the creating process finishes when you will be asked to label the disc for future recognition. Click Close when you are done with labeling the disc.



3. This is the final step of the wizard, tap OK to exit.


NOTE: You can change Boot Device Order in the BIOS settings of the computer the and prioritize the optical drive the first device to boot. Afterwards, you will be able to boot from the CD/DVD to check whether it functions properly or not.

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