Steps to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - May 28, 2014

A new and interesting feature is available in Windows 8, named picture password. As the name indicates, it allows you to log in the computer with just a few gestures after setting up. You don’t have to rely on a long and hard-to-remember combination of text and number serving as password any more. This post provides a detailed guide about how to set up a picture password and explain how it works.Please read on.

Step one: Swipe the cursor to right side to display the Charm bar, or Search and Settings panel. At the bottom, click Settings and More PC Settings in the next panel.



Step two: when the general settings screen appears, select Users from the left column. Accordingly, you may notice the Create a picture password option on the right panel. Click it to proceed.


Step three: You will be prompted to verify the existing log-in password. Enter the password and click OK.
Note: If you haven’t set up a regular password yet, you may have to create it first to continue the following steps.

Step four: Now you can see the picture password set up wizard, where a general introduction of this feature will be outlined. Click Choose picture and navigate to the desired file folder to fetch the picture you want to use for password.




Steps five: As prompted,you can click and hold the picture to the position you like. Afterwards, click Use this picture option. Next, you have to draw three gestures, circles, straight lines and/or taps, as a combination of the password. Keep in mind the the way as well as the order you draw the gestures will become criteria of your password. So, you need repeat the process one more time to check whether you are done it right.




Conclusion: All these are what it takes to set-up the picture password. For now on, when you try to log in, you will be able to use either way to log in as you wish.

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