Solved-Fix Disk 100% Usage In Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - January 25, 2015

There are times when your PC turns extremely slow and you cannot even launch a single program. When you open up task manager, disk occupation soars up to 100%. What’s going on? How can you fix this? This post details a step-by-step fix for you.




Right click on task bar and select Task Manager. Move to Startup Tab.


Right click on every unnecessary startup task or program and select Disable.


Go back to desktop, press Win + R keys together to open RUN and type services.msc in the blank box. Click OK.


There will be a list of programs that use up disk space. Go through the list and locate items that you don’t feel like necessary to launch automatically. Right click on the item/items and select Properties.



The properties box will show up, change the startup type from Automatic to Manual and click Apply. Also, set the Service status as Stop.



Find out every similar items and go through the same step one by one. At the end, restart the PC to take effect the change and have a check. That’s it.

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