Simple Steps to Create/Use a Password Reset Disk on Windows7/Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - April 29, 2014

It happens sometimes when you attempt to log on your PC while the password is gone from your mind. Though you may set a password hint at the first place, but the hint itself sounds like another kind of password and you have trouble in figuring out its meaning as well. Therefore, it is helpful to find a way to reset the password in case that you lose it. A simple way to that is to create a password reset disk on Windows 7/Windows 8, which you can prevent the sort of awkward password-losing situation easily. Below are the complete setup instructions.

Steps to Create a Password Disk

Step one: Access the forgotten password wizard.

For windows 7 users: click Start and then Control Panel, find and click the User accounts and family safety link. The User Accounts option will be displayed on the left top, click it and then Create a password reset disk to continue.


For windows 8 users: Tap Win + F keys together to pop up Search box, select Settings category, input user account and hit Enter. Select User Accounts from the search result list and then Create a password reset disk link on the left panel.


Step two: Configure the password reset disk.

Note: These steps works for both Windows 7 & Windows 8.

1. The Forgotten Password Wizard will appear if you follow the instructions above, plug in a USB drive where you can create and store the password key disk. Select the drive you just insert on the wizard and click Next to proceed.


2. On the next configuration window, you’ll be required to enter the current password to verify your administration authority. Click Next after you type in the current password.


3. The message box will prompt that you have completed the Forgotten Password Wizard, hit Finish button to exit.


Steps to Reset Password Using a Password Reset Disk

After you have the password reset disk set up, you can make use of it when you forget your password. Make sure you plug in the USB drive, which contain the reset key, before going any further.

1. Insert the USB drive and click the Reset Password link under the password input box. The Password Reset Wizard will appear correspondingly. Click Next.


2. Select the right drive from the drop-down list and click Next.


3. On this popping up window, you’ll be ask to set up a new password and password hint. Type in required information and tap Next.




This will bring you to the end of this reset process, hit Finish to exit the wizard. By far, a new log on password is created.



Note: Next time, if you forget your password again, just repeat the above resetting steps to create another one. Meanwhile, make sure you keep the reset key file safe and complete because you cannot reset the password without it. Also, anyone who access the reset key file on the USB Drive will be able to change your log on password easily. So, you should keep it at a safe place as well.


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