Simple Steps to Backup Emails from Gmail to Computer

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 21, 2014

It’s a good habit to make a copy of important emails from Gmail in case something unexpected happen. In the past, you may have to rely on third-party tools to get thing done. But, now, Gmail provides download service for you to back up up to 15 services and files, including Calendar, Youtube, emails, contacts and more, with a few settings. Here is how.


1. Sign into your Google account. You will be presented to Personal Info column, more to Data Tools session at the menu. You will see a option Select data to download, click the link to proceed.


2. You will be able to select specific products of Google to back up. By default, all 15 products are included. To exclude one or more items, swipe the button behind it/them from left to right.


3. Once you’re done with file selecting, click Next at the bottom.


4. Before begin the file transmission process, you can also select what type of file you would like the data to be compressed and how you will receive, by download link or being saved to your drive directly.



That’s it! The backup file will be prepared. It may take hours or days to complete the procedure depends on your data. Once it’s done, you will receive an email.


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