Remove Personal Information from Photography in Windows

Posted by Britt Duncan - April 28, 2014

Today, some of people like to use their mobile phones or digital cameras to capture every beautiful and interesting moment in life. At the same time, there are some famous websites like, Facebook and Twitter provide people chances to share their stories and photos with others. However, you should be cautious when you share your photos and other information on the Internet.

When you take a picture with your camera or phone, a variety of information like type of camera, shutter speed, GPS location and the date the photo was taken will be saved on the photo’s file. So according the photo’s information, some guys can know your home address or phone number. As a result, your privacy will be at risk. It is suggested that you remove your information from your photos before posting them to the network, which can prevent strangers from getting your privacy.

To remove your photos’ information, you can firstly put them in a folder. To be frank, this step is not essential, but it can help you save processing time.

Right click your photo, select Properties.
Step 2:
Move to Details tab, and then click Remove Properties and Personal Information.
Tick “Remove the following properties from this file:”, then you can tick the options you want.
If you want to remove all information saved on your photos, you can tick Create a copy with all properties removed option.

Note: The above method can be applied to Vista, Windows7 and Windows8.

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