Privacy Protection! Turn off suggestions on Internet Explorer

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 24, 2014

Internet Explorer starts to suggest urls to you when you begin to type based on your browsing history, a function known as autosuggestion. A part of netters find it useful for that they don’t have to finish typing all site addresses to get the access. However, some PC users are so worried about this feature as it can easily leak out their privacy to those who gain access to the computer. Even after you have the history deleted, sites are listing responding to random clicks if this function stays on. Steps below show how to turn off this feature easily.


1. Open up IE, locate and click the gear icon in the upper right part of the browser. Then, select Internet Options from the list.


2. After the Internet Options dialogue box opens up, move to Content tab and choose Settings at AutoComplete section.


3. Various options will be listed. Move to the middle to see the Suggesting URLs option. Tick off the check-mark before it and click OK.


4. Furthermore, to wipe out the autocomplete history completely, you can also hit the Delete AutoComplete history… at the bottom. Thus, there will be no trace of autofill sessions and they threaten your privacy no more.


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