How to Use Disk Check to Detect and Fix Errors in Windows 7

Posted by Britt Duncan - June 24, 2014

Hard drives in system are one of the most common components to develop errors which can make you loss important data. In order to guarantee the hard disks to work normally and effectively, you should pay attention to frequently check the hard disks. By doing so, you can find some errors and fix them in time, so that you can improve computer performance to some extent. You can not only make use of third party software to detect the hard disks, but also can utilize the default Windows utility to make detection. Today, the tutorial will show you how to detect computer hard disks without third party software. And the similar steps in this post can be available for Windows 8 & 8.1 as well.

1. Click Start button and select Computer.

2. Right click on the hard disk you wish to detect and select Properties.

3. Click on the Tools tab on Properties dialog box.

4. Click Check now button from the Error-checking section.
check now

5. Select the Checkboxes under the Check disk options which you want to apply to the disk. Then click Start button.

During the detection process, you need tot be patient. The time often depends on the size of the drive and the number of errors found. When the detected errors are fixed, you can close the dialog box.

Tips: It is suggested that you close all running programs on your PC. When you don’t close certain files and program belonged to the selected hard disk, you won’t be able to start to check. And you’ll be greeted by the pop-up as shown below.

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