How to Use Check-box to Select Items on Windows 7/8

Posted by Britt Duncan - January 13, 2015


Selecting multiply items at a time on Windows can be a challenge for many users. When they hold Ctrl key and move the items inadvertently, select items changes into making copies. However, if you enable the option to select items with check-box, you can avoid such awkward situations.

Open up Libraries and click Tools at menu bar. Then click Folder Options.


The Folder Options dialogue box will show up accordingly. Next, move to View tab at the top. At the Advanced settings session, there will be a long list about what you can do with folder display. Locate a item named Use check boxes to select items and mark the check-box before it. Hit OK to confirm the change.




Now, with great convenience, you can select as many items as you can at a time without messing up the whole folder.


If you are currently using Windows 8, you can have easier access to this option. Open up libraries, at the top of it, simply ticking the checkbox before Item check boxes will take effect the change immediately.


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