How to Turn on Internet Time Synchronization in Windows 8/8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - August 7, 2014

To make sure the time on your computer is accurate, you can use the Internet time synchronization function on Windows 8/8.1. After you enable this option at PC settings, the system will keep the clock on the machine updated as the same one on Internet time server. Here is how.

Methord One:

Step one: Hit Win + C keys together to bring up Charm bar, click Settings and then More PC settings to proceed. At the PC settings panel, you’ll see the Time and language option from the menu. Click it to continue.


Step two: At the sub-menu, select Date and time option and its settings items will be displayed on the right panel.


Step three: There will be a spin button beneath Set time automatically column, switch it from off to on to enable time synchronization. From now on, the PC will display the time on Internet.

Method Two:

Step one: Access the Date and Time settings from Control Panel. At the opening up dialogue box, move to Internet Time tab.


Step two:
At the popping up box, tick the check-box before Synchronize with an Internet time server and hit OK. Close the all dialogue boxes and windows.





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