How to Turn on Google/Yahoo Search in IE on Windows 8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - June 9, 2014

For users who are getting used to Google/Yahoo search, it is painful to find out that the default search engine of IE 11 on Windows 8.1 is Microsoft Bing. But no need to worry about that. With a few simple steps, you will finally get the Google/Yahoo back. Here is how.

Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer after you boot up the computer. Navigate to Tools in IE and select Manage add-ons from the lists:


Step 2: After the Manage add-ons configuration window pops up, click Search Providers on the left-hand panel. You may notice that the Bing search is displayed solely on the list. Move to the bottom, where a Find more Search Providers … link is outlined. Click the link to proceed.



Step 3: Next, the Internet Explorer Gallery of available Search Providers are listed on the page. Scroll down the page to the middle, click on Google icon and you will be taken to next page.



On the right down corner, click the Add to Internet Explorer button will help you enable Google search in the Internet Explorer.


Step 4: As responding to your request, IE will ask you to confirm the change. If you wish to make Google your default Search Provider and receive search suggestions from it, tick both check-boxes and click Add. Thus, restart the IE, you will notice your favorite Google search is back to use again.


Note: In case that you are fed up with numerous search provider on the IE and want to get rid of the Google search, go back to the Internet Explorer Gallery again by following the same steps listed above. You may notice that the Remove option for Google search is grayed out. That’s because it has been set as the default search engine.


To enable the elimination function, click on Bing or other available search providers and hit Set as default button. After that, click Google icon again and you will see the Remove button is able to click on. Hit Remove link to remove Google from the list.



In conclusion
The steps to add or remove other search providers like Yahoo will be similar to ones outlined above. If you prefer to swith to Yahoo search or other search engines, all you need to do is select different search engines when choices are provided.

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