How to Troubleshoot Laptop Battery Won’t Charge Problem

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 2, 2014

For various users, it can be devastating when you need to work on your laptop while the battery is dying and won’t charge. It might be the problem of power cord, cable connection issue, battery misplacement or others. This post will list out possible reasons to help you identify and troubleshot your battery charge failure issue. Please read more.

Step one:
Check the connection devices, including power cord, AC adapter and battery to see whether they connect to each other tightly or plugs in the wall plug properly. Try unplugging the power cord from the laptop, wall plug and then reconnecting them back again.





Step two: Change another power cord or battery. If the PC functions well when you plug in the power cord, while the battery will not charge, consider changing the battery. On the contrary, if you cannot run the laptop with the power cord only, the power cord might be the problem.


Step three: Have a check of drivers. If you have ruled out all possibility of mentioned reasons, it might be the problem of a driver. Perform a battery driver update to see whether or not this fixes the issue for you.

Click Start and then Control Panel. Navigate to System and Security and select Device Manager. Expand Battery session, right click on it and select Update Driver Software. Wait for a short period. When the update completes, try charging the battery again.



Examinate the possible causes listed above one by one to narrow down your problem. Do check every place for problem before you make up your mind to buy a new battery or power cord. In case that you suspect the power cord might be the cause, it will be better for you to borrow another one from others to try out first.

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