How to Sync Gmail Contacts with a Phone

Posted by Britt Duncan - April 30, 2014

Google account is much popular nowadays. No matter where you are, you would like to contact with people through the phone or Gmail. Things will become much simple and convenient when contacts are synchronized between your email and phone. Synchronization is a way to back up your contacts and mails. All in all, it needs only a few steps.

How to Sync Gmail Contacts with Android Phones

How to Sync Gmail Contacts with IOS Devices

How to Sync Gmail Contacts with Android Phones

On an Android phone, all you need to do is sync your phone to the Google account that holds the contacts.

Step one- Hit your Android menu button and select “Settings.”

android settings

Step two- Open “Accounts & Sync” menu.

android account and sync

Step three- Click the “Add account” button.

android add account1

Step four- Tap “Google” from the list of account types and click the “Next” button on the screen that comes up. Then you type in information of the desired account you want to sync with.

android google

Step five- Check “Sync contacts” in the list

android tick

Step six- Click “Sync now” and the phone syncs your contacts in the background.

android sync now

How to Sync Gmail Contacts with IOS Devices

On an iOS phone, you just need to set up a Microsoft Exchange sync account that connects to the Google Gmail account that holds your contact information file.

Step one- Tap the “Settings” app.

ios settings

Step two- Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the Settings app’s pane.

ios mail

Step three- Tick “Add Account”.

ios add account

Step four- Select “Microsoft Exchange” from the list of account types.

ios me

Step five- Enter details of the desired Gmail account. Click the “Next” button and wait for the application to finish verifying your account information.

ios enter mail

Step six- Enter “” into the Server field in the pop-up Exchange window.

ios server

Step seven- Switch on Contacts. You can turn on the switches of mail and calendar as well. When you’re done, tap “Save” to finish synchronization.

ios save

After synchronization, you won’t have to worry about miss contacts while phone being stolen or Gmail missed. And if you have any question during the process, please feel free to leave a comment.

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