How to Switch between Local Account & Microsoft Account on Windows 8/8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 29, 2014

It is quite handy to use Microsoft Account to sync all your computers and fetch your online files from different machine. Also, if you sign in with a Microsoft account, you will have the privilege to download applications from Windows Store. To enjoy these features, all you need to do is to complete a few setups.

To shift from local account to Microsoft account

Step one: Hit Win + C keys together to bring up Charm bar, click Settings and then More PC settings to proceed. At the PC settings panel, select Users column. There will be a Switch to a Microsoft account link under your account name. Click it to continue.


Step two: Afterwards, you will be prompted to enter a Microsoft email. Input your email address and click Next at the bottom to go to the next step.


Step three: Now, you will be required to enter the password of the email you just typed to confirm that you have the authority to use it. Click Next when you are done.


And that’s it! You will see the message stating that you are able to use the Microsoft account and password to sign in Windows and enjoy the convenience of it.


In case that you have no Microsoft accounts at hand, you have to create a new account. At the interface that requires you to type a Microsoft account, there will be an option for you to create a new account. Move to the left down corner and click that link.

At the next page, you need to fill in all required information, like names, email address, password and region. Hit Next and add a few more security information to keep your new account more securer. When you finish, click Next again.



This time, enter the displayed captcha and click Next. Finally, you go through all steps to set up a new account which can be used to sign in your Windows next time.


To shift from Microsoft account to local account

Step one: Access the PC settings as the steps mentioned above. Under your account profile, click the Switch to a local account link and enter the password of Microsoft account as required.


Step two: At the new page, enter a username and password for the local account. In case that you are worrying about losing the password, you can set up a password hint to help you remember as well. Then, click Next.


Step three: You are almost done. Make sure you have saved all the work and files in the Microsoft account as to once you sign out, all unsaved files will get lost. Hit Sign put and finish button, Windows will start to log off.


Shortly, it will pop up the password box and require you to enter the password for the local account you just set up before long. Just put in the information and you can log into the local account!


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