How to Stop Pop-ups on IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 2, 2014

Numerous computer uses get frustrated when receiving a sea of commercial pop-ups and find no way to stop them. Some of the pop-ups may contain redirecting links and point users to malignant websites and addresses which put the fragile computer into a more perilous situation. For this reason, it is essential to tun on the pop-up blocking function when you work on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more. Here’s how.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer users:

Open up IE, click Tools and select Pop-Up Blocker option from the list and then Turn On Pop-Up Blocker in the submenu. If you wish to keep receiving pop-ups from some trustworthy websites, you can add them to the allowing list in the pop-up blocker settings.





For Mozilla Firefox users:

Open Firefox, click Tools and select Options from the list. This will open up the Option configuration window. Move to Content tab and tick Block Pop-ups Windows. Then, click OK to take effect the change. Similar to Internet Explorer, you can also allow specific websites to display pop-ups by adding to the special list. All you need to do is to type the address and click Allow underneath.




For Google Chrome users:

Open Chrome, click the gear icon and select Settings from the drop-down list. This will trigger off the Chrome settings window, click Advanced Settings at the bottom to see more settings options. Locate Privacy session, click Content Settings tab where you will notice the Pop-Ups manege menu. Select Do not Allow any sites to show pop-ups. Again, if you want to set more customized settings, click manage exceptions and add desired website addresses. Afterwards, hit Done when you finish.





For Apple Safari users:

Open Safari, click the gear icon or the Safari menu and choose Block Pop-up Windows from the list. At the web content configuration session, tick the check-box before Block Pop-up Windows. Unfortunately, Safari provides no exception option, which means you can either block all pop-ups from websites or block none of them.




By turning on the built-in pop-ups blocking function in major web browsers, you will be able to filer most of the pop-ups during your online session. However, if the browser is under attack by some malign and vicious adware or browser hijacker virus, this may not help to contain all pop-up ads. If it is the case you are in, you are highly recommended to have a check for malware by checking out this adware or browser hijacker virus list.

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