How to Sign in Two MSN Accounts at the Same Time in Windows 7

Posted by Britt Duncan - May 30, 2014

Generally, we can sign in only one MSN in a computer. But what if we have two accounts and want them online at once? We need to make some changes to the system or settings then. This post lists detailed guides to sign in two MSN accounts in the same Windows 7. Please read out!


To Sign in Two MSN Accounts at once through the System Registry

To Sign in Two MSN Accounts at once through Third Party Software

To Sign in Two MSN Accounts at once through the System Registry

MSN Instant Messenger is included in the Windows Live services. Hence, we can easily sign in two accounts at a same computer via making changes to the registry entries. But meanwhile, it is also advisable to take much care as any mistake done to the key system part can lead to great troubles. So please take steps below carefully.

Step one- Hit Winkey and R key, type “regedit.exe” (without the quote) and click OK.


Step two- If the User Account Control window pops up, click Yes.


Step three- Navigate to


Step four- Right click on Messenger and click New. Then select DWORD.


Step five- Name the new created key as MultipleInstances.


Step six- Right click on MultipleInstances key and choose Modify.


Step seven- Change the Value data to 1, and click OK.


Then you can run two MSN accounts at the same time to communicate with different people and have fun.

To Sign in Two MSN Accounts at once through a Third Party Software

To make it available to sign in two MSN accounts at once, a helpful plug-in named Messenger Plus! is created. With this useful tool, things will become easy.

Step one- Download Messenger Plus! from the Internet. And install it in the system.


Step two- Open your Windows Live Messenger, and click the Plus icon.


Step three- Select Preference to make customized settings.


Step four- In Customize! tab, check the option “Allow me to connect to several accounts simultaneously”, and click OK.


Now you can click the Windows Live Messenger button again to sign in another account. It’s kindly advised that you be much careful when making the above changes. Besides, do download a clean program from its official website.

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