How to Share a Folder on a Network

Posted by Britt Duncan - March 11, 2014

For many PC users, there are more than one computer in their house now. Sometimes they cannot transfer a file between machines without turning everything inside out to find the movable devices. However, sharing a folder on a network is a quick way for users to copy files between different PC. The post here shows how to do so easily.

Step one: Locate the folder you want to share. On the left top of Windows, click Share with option. You, now, may see a drop-down list of menu, select Specific people.

* If you have trouble in finding the desirable file folder, click Start menu, input the folder name and hit Enter. The folder then appears quickly.

Step two: A file sharing window displays, type in a ransom name (as long as you can remember and recognize it) and click Add on the right. You can also modify Permission Level on the right part.With Read level, users can read the folder only. Accordingly, with Read/Write Level, users can both read and modify the shared folder. Next, after finish setting, click Share.

Step three: Click Start , type in Network and Sharing Center in the search bar and tap Enter to activate it. Click Change advanced sharing settings on the left column. On the popup window, you can enable/disable password protected sharing based on your need, which decide whether or not a user in the homegroup needs a password to access the shared folder.

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