How to Set/Change Homepage on Chrome

Posted by Britt Duncan - March 4, 2014

Got tired of typing “” on Chrome every time to open Google page? Several simple steps can help you lock the favorite page as your default homepage!

Step 1: Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select “Settings”.

Step 2: Add the home button to the browser toolbar.

Homepage button is deactivated by default. Tick “Show Home button” in the “Appearance” section to display it on the browser toolbar.

Step 3: Set your homepage
Below Show Home button, click Change to enter a desirable link, such as Or you can choose the New Tab page as your homepage.

You can also continue to customize the startup page. Under “On startup,” several options are provided.

“Open the New Tab page” : Chrome will display your 8 most visited websites on startup.
“Continue where I left off” : Chrome will open up the websites that you last visited when you used the browser.
“Open a specific set of pages”: Chrome will open up websites in various tabs upon startup. Click “Set pages” to enter the websites that you would like Chrome to open.

Attention: If your homepage is changed to,, or other unknown websites against your will, you may be attacked by some risky browser hijacker! Click the list of the lastest browser hijackers to see whether you are attacked by any of them.

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