How to Set Windows Media Player As Default Player in Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 11, 2014

You will find that Windows Media Player is not the default media player any more in Windows 8. Every time you open music files, the Music app will open and play the files automatically. If you still like to use the Windows Media Player to play music, you may be interested in this tutorial.

Step1. Type default and search for Default Programs on the Metro Start Screen.
Step2. Click on Default Programs and you will enter a control panel in which you can select the program you wish to act as the default when interacting with certain files on your computer.

Step3. Click on Set your default programs, and then a window will open lists many programs on your PC.

Step4. Scroll down until find the Windows Media Player, and then click on it. Click on Set this program as default option at the right pane.

When that is done, you should click on the OK button and Windows Media Player will now be the default player. If you wish to have the Music app open your music files, you can follow these steps and instead make the Music app the default.

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