How to Restore Computer Icon to the Desktop in Windows 7

Posted by Britt Duncan - May 6, 2014

Usually, we’ll see a few icons including Computer icon, Recycle Bin icon and browser shortcuts on the desktop once we start the machine. But it could be such a case that we mistakenly delete some commonly used icons like Computer icon. That is, Computer is disappeared from the desktop. Here in this post, we’ll outline two methods to help you restore necessary icons to the desktop. (Here we’ll take Computer icon as an example.)


How to Restore Computer Icon to the Desktop—Method One

This method is also available to restore the Computer icon to Start menu.

Step 1. Right click a blank space on Task Bar. Select Properties


Step 2. Under Start Menu tab, click Customize


Step 3. Tick Display as a link under Computer and click OK

Step 4. In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, click OK


Step 5. Click Start menu, you’ll see Computer icon again. Then right click on it and select Show on the desktop

start button


How to Restore Computer Icon to the Desktop—Method Two

This method is very simple and needs three steps in total.

Step 1. Right click on any blank space on the desktop and select Personalize

right click desktop

Step 2. Click Change desktop icon in the left pane


Step 3. Tick Computer under Desktop icon, and click OK


Step 4. Close the Personalization window. And you’ll see Computer icon on the desktop again


With the above detailed instructions, I’m sure you can quickly restore the Computer or other icons to the desktop. But it is advisable to run a virus scan if the icon disappears without carrying out any actions. It can probably be malicious PC viruses that cause the issue.

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