How to Recover the Missing Volume Icon

Posted by Britt Duncan - November 12, 2014

Weird things do happen unexpectedly. For an instance, some users starts up the computer and find no trace of volume icon in the system tray. As some suggest to display the icon by change notification settings. However, PC users who rush to change the settings are greeted by the alert of “This notification icon is not currently activate”. Then, what can you to to bring back the missing volume icon? Please read on.

First to check: notification settings

In most cases, in the notification area, the icon of volume may be set to hide. So, you need to modify the setting manually. Click the triangle button on the down right corner and then Customize link. This will open up the Notification Area Icons window.


Locate the Volume row, select Show icon and notification and tap OK.


This will fix the missing issues for parts of users. However, in some cases, even you have chosen to show icon, the volume is still missing from the system tray. The Behaviors session of Volume for System Icons in Turn system icons on or off grey out which provides no option to make a change.




This mainly happens because that you start launching programs before the system is prepared fully. This needs a different way: restart explorer.

To do that, pull up Task Manager by right clicking on the task bar. More to Process tab and select processes belonging to explorer. Hit End task. The system tray will disappear automatically, but there is no need to worry about it.


Keep the Task Manager opening up. Click File on the top and then New Task. At the popping up dialogue, put explorer in the middle field and hit OK.




It’s done! Check the notification area in system tray, you will find that the volume adjustment button is back!


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