How to Protect Kids to Safely Surf Online with Parental Control

Posted by Britt Duncan - June 6, 2014

We may worry a lot about kids who could be addicted to the Internet easily and deeply. We have to admit that network develops fast but there exists many problems like pornographic and violent information spreading wildly. To well protect our children, we need to control or monitor when they are using the machine. Exactly, Windows 7 provides a feature named Parental Control that can disable certain actions those kids carry out on the computer. In this post, we’ll outline details to change Parental Control settings.

Steps to Modify Parental Control Settings

Step one- Click Start menu, then Control Panel

Step two- Click User Accounts and Family Safety
Step three- Select Parental Controls
Step four- Click Create a new user account
Step five- Type a name for the new user account, and click Create account
Step six- Back to the main screen, you can click the new created user account or an already existed account (not an administrator)
Step seven- Tick On, enforce current settings under Parental Controls
Step eight- Under Windows Settings, you have choices to set Time limits, Games, and Allow and block specific programs settings. Click any of them to make changes
Step ninth- After making changes and click Ok, you’ll get back to the User Controls window, click Ok again here. Then close the window
Ask your kid to log into his own account when using the computer. You don’t have to stay beside him and watch whether he is viewing anything unsuitable.

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