How To Import Contacts from Outlook to Gmail

Posted by Britt Duncan - November 21, 2014

There are times when you need to transfer important contacts from one mail service to another as your clients may prefer particular mail service. It will be a daunting task if you try to copy every email address and retype it into another email account. It’ s also unnecessary. In this post, steps to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail will be introduced step by step.


Step 1: Access to official site of Outlook and sign into your account.


Step 2: After you enter the dashboard, move to top-left part where there will be a small nine-panel icon near the Outlook icon.


Step 3: Options of Mail, People, Calendar, and SkyDrive will be listed. Click People tile to open the list of your contacts.


Step 4: At the top right corner, click Manage link and then Export from the drop-down list. Subsequently, a file named WLMContacts.csv containing all your contacts will be available for you to download. Decide the destination of your file and click OK.


Step 5:
Log into the Gmail account you would like to import those downloaded contacts with your username and password. Click on the Gmail icon on the top and choose Contacts option from the list.


Step 6: Click More button in the middle. Then, you will be able to select the newly downloaded file WLMContacts.csv to initiate transferring process. Click Import button.


Step 7: Wait for the process to complete. If you have a great deal of contacts to transfer, it may take a while.


That’s it, you will now see the contacts previously saved on Outlook.

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