How to Hide/Show Preview Pane in Windows 8/8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - August 15, 2014

Preview pane will give you a preview of text files without actually opening up the files to see what the files are about. However, some users want to protect their privacy in the public computer and don’t what others to take a peek at their essential files. This function can be enable or disable easily with a few steps. Here’s how.

Step one: Click Win + Q to display search box, put in folder options and select it from the search results in the left pane.


Step two: After the Folder Options dialogue box opens up, navigate to View tab.


Step three: At the Advanced settings in the middle, there will a list of file related settings. Scroll down to the lower part to locate Show preview handlers in the preview pane.


Step four: To enable preview function, keep the check-box before Show preview handlers in the preview pane marked. If you wish to disable this function, tick off the check mark. Afterwards, click Apply and then OK to take effect the changes.

That’s it. Go back and have a check on your files to see the effect. Please note that this option doesn’t work to picture-type files. Whether you turn on/off this function or not, you will be able to preview all pictures.

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