How to Fix “Your computer is low on memory” Error

Posted by Britt Duncan - February 11, 2015

If you receive an error message by Windows saying that your computer is low on memory and you need to save your files and close certain programs, it can be that your virtual memory cannot handle the current tasks right now. This post will show you how to fix this error by increasing more virtual memory.



Step one: Right click on This PC desktop icon and select Properties. Move to Advanced system settings on the left list.



At System Properties box, switch to Advanced tab. Next, hit Settings under Performance session.


This will bring up Performance Options dialogue box. Locate Advanced tab at the top and then Change button at the right corner.


Thus, you will be taken to Virtual Memory manager box. You can change the paging file size for each drive manually based on your need by entering the actual number in the two boxes. After that, just hit Set button and OK.


You will be prompted to restart the machine to apply the change. After the computer re-boots, you can check whether the error message shows up or not.


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