How to Fix User Accounts Missing after Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 17, 2014

While many people think Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 8 in operation and other aspects, some may find that their user accounts are missing or hidden when updating to the newest OS version. They would meanwhile notice that they are not able to create a new account with the same name. But don’t worry; this post will give more information about the missing user accounts and an effective way to recover it.

Description of User Accounts Missing

Guides to Recover the Missing User Account in Windows 8.1

Description of User Accounts Missing

As we mentioned, Windows won’t allow us to create a new user account with the same name we missed. When we open the Users directory, we find its entry. Meanwhile, we’ll see the Rename option becomes grey.
We then check the System Properties, and notice that the missing user account does not belong to any group membership. Here’s the steps to check it out.
1. Hit Windows key and R key together, type sysdm.cpl in the Run dialog box. And press Enter key.
2. In Advanced tab, click Settings under User Profiles menu.
3. In the User Profiles window, we can see all the user accounts on the system. And one called Account Unknown should be the missing account that doesn’t belong to any group.
So now, we need to restore the user account.

Guides to Recover the Missing User Account in Windows 8.1

Step one- Right click on the WinX menu in the left bottom corner of the desktop. Select Command Prompt (admin).
Step two- Type the following command and hit Enter. Put your own computer name and user account name in ‘[Computer Name]‘ and ‘[Missing User]‘.

net localgroup “Administrators” [Computer Name]\[Missing User] /add

Then you can close the Command Prompt window and restart the system to check if the issue is gone. Usually, you can recover your user account later on. If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment.

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