How to Fix Language Bar Missing Issue

Posted by Britt Duncan - November 12, 2014

For parts of users who engage in their work on the computer with more than one language, it’s quite frustrating that the language bar gets missing when you try to type. For inexperienced users, it can be hard to restore the disappearing language bar back to task bar. This guide shows how to fix this issue with several simple steps.

Method 1

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Option -> Keyboards and Languages -> Change Keyboards subsequently.


The Text Services and Input Language dialog box will show up, go to Language Bar tab.


Now, you can decide how the language bar will be appearing, either floating on the desktop or docked in the task bar. If you are satisfied with your decision, press OK.

Method 2

 Since this method involves changes in the registry , it’s securer to make a backup of registry before modifying anything to avoid any mistake which may lead to malfunction of the system. Once you finish doing the backup, hit Win + R keys together to bring up Run box. Next, put regedit in the search field and tap Enter.


After Registry Editor opens up, expand the following keys respectively:
At the right panel, right click on blank space and select New-> String Value from the list.


Double click on the newly created value. Set the value name as New Value #1 and value data as “ctfmon”=”CTFMON.EXE”.

Press OK and restart your computer. Time to have a check!

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