How to Disable Start Screen Animation in Windows 8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 2, 2014

In Windows 8, we can enjoy a cool effect that is the tiles can appear from the right to the left side when we switch to metro start screen from the desktop. However, some computer users don’t like to the unnecessary animation as it affects the users’ experience. They think that the tiles, menus and other stuff couldn’t be displayed instantly and quickly due to the animation. If you want to disable the start screen animation, you may be interested in the Windows tutorial.
Windows 8 Start screen

Hit Win + X keys to open Control Panel and click on System.

Click the System protection on the right side.
system protection

Select Advanced tab, click the Performance Settings button.
Advanced tab

Uncheck Animate controls and elements inside Windows in the Performance Options box. Click Apply and close the window.
Performance option

Now switch to the start screen from your desktop, you will find the tiles get displayed more quickly than before.

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