How to Disable Built-in Administrator Account in Windows 8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - January 23, 2015

In general, the built-in Administrator account is automatically created by default on the new system installation. Besides, the account can not be found in the Manage Accounts window that you open from the Control Panel. If someday the built-in Administrator account is enabled, you can disable it via following the few steps below:

1. Log into the Windows 8.1 with the built-in Administrator account or any other account that has administrative privileges.

2. Then click on the File Explorer tile on the Start screen.
start screen

3. On This PC window, right-click This PC in the left pane and then select Manage.
right click this PC

4. On the Computer Management snap-in, Expand Local Users and Groups folder on the left pane.
local users and groups

5. Select the Users container and right-click on Administrator. Click Properties.
Users properties

6. On the General tab, check the “Account is disable” checkbox.
Account is disabled

7. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.

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