How to Customize the Start Menu in Windows 10

Posted by Britt Duncan - November 22, 2014

You will find that the classic start menu is back when your computer is updated to Windows 10. The new start menu has two sections where the left panel resembles the classic start menu in Windows 7, and the right panel resembles the start screen of Windows 8. In order to make your start menu looks cool and wonderful, we will show you how to customize it in Windows 10.
start menu

Change the Size of Start Menu

It is easy to resize the Start Menu to fit your screen size in Windows 10. To do that, you just move the mouse over the top edge of the start menu and move your mouse up or down. Besides, any tiles in the menu will be automatically adjusted at the same time.
change start menu size

Pin and Unpin Tiles

Just like in Windows 8, you can easily pin and unpin tiles by tight-clicking on each one and select Pin to Start or Unpin from Start.
pin and unpin tiles

Resize Tiles in Start Menu

You can right-click on a tile, and select Resize and then choose the one of the size’s among small, medium, wide and large.
resize tiles

Customize the Start Menu Color

Firstly, you need to right click anywhere on the empty space of the start menu and choose the Personalize option.

Then Color and Appearance window will open, and you can select the color you want and click save changes button. If you can’t find your favorite color, you can click Show color mixer option to get more colors.
color and appearance

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