How to Customize Logon, Logoff and Shutdown Sounds in Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - August 15, 2014

Well, many people would like to change another song or music for their Logon, Logoff or Shutdown. But you may find that it’s rather easy to make the changes in Windows 7 while a little hard to find those program events in Windows 8 Sounds. That is, these alerts are hidden by default in the new system version. But don’t worry, with a simple tweak in the Registry, you’ll be able to make your customization again. Let’s check it out!

Detailed Guide to Customize Logoff, Shutdown, and Logon Sounds

Note: Please back up the registry before you make any changes, especially if you are new to computers.
Step one- Bring up Run with Windows key and R key. Then type regedit in the dialog box. Then press Enter or click OK.
Step two- Navigate to the following folder, you’ll see a list of subfolders.
Step three- Scroll down and click WindowsLogOff folder.
Step four- Right click on the key named ExludeFromCPL in the right pane. And select Modify.
Step five- Type 0 in the Value data dialog. And click OK.
Step six- Repeat the same steps for the SystemExit and WindowsLogon.
In the end, ExludeFromCPL key values of WindowsLogon, WindowsLogoff and SystemExist will be set to 0. When all is done, you can close the Registry Editor windows.

Step seven- Open the Sounds customization window. Please view Different Ways to Open Sound Scheme Customization Window in a previous post.
Step eight- Highlight Windows Logoff, Windows Logon or Windows Shutdown under Program Events list, like what you did in previous versions.
Step nine- Choose anyone you like in the Sounds drop-down list.
Step ten- Click Apply, then OK to save your changes and close the Sound window.
If you would like to have fun with every aspect of Windows 8, repeat the same steps to get it. But it’s also advisable to take care when you make modifications to the system settings especially the Registry settings.

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