How to Create/Use/Leave a HomeGroup on Windows 7

Posted by Britt Duncan - April 12, 2014

Want to share pictures, music, videos, documents and printers with a group of Windows 7 computers on the home network at the same time? In windows 7, you can achieve this by simply setting up a HomeGroup. But before you begin, make sure you are not using Home Basic or Windows Starter , which can join a HomeGroup only.

To Create a HomeGroup:

1. Click Start and then Computer. Select HomeGroup folder on the left panel.

2. The HomeGroup configuration window will pop up, click Create a HomeGroup to continue.


3. There are five types of files that you can share with any computer on the same HomeGroup, including pictures, documents, music, videos and printers. Tick any type or types and click Next.


4. Afterwards, the system will generate a random password which is used to protect the HomeGroup and serves as the permission code to contact other computers. Make sure you remember it. Also, you can change it to something easy to remember later on. Click Finish to complete the process.


Steps to change HomeGroup Password:

1. Open any computer on the Homegroup, move to control panel and open the HomeGroup configuration window.

2. Click Change the password… option at the bottom of the window.


3. Enter the new password on the blank box, click Next.


4. Select Change the password and then click Finish to comfirm the change.



5. Remember to set the same password for all member devices in the HomeGroup by repeating above steps.

To add a Windows 7 PC into the created HomeGroup:

If you would like to share files with other Windows 7 computers, it is necessary to add them into the HomeGroup one by one. After that, you will be able to access all shareable files provided by members of the HomeGroup freely.

1. Open the PC that you want to add into the HomeGroup.

2. Click Start and type HomeGroup in the search field. Tap Enter.

3. The PC will display the existing HomeGroup automatically. Click Join now to add the PC into the HomeGroup. Tick what type of resources on this PC you want to share with the home group and click Next.


4. Here, you will be asked to put in the HomeGroup password you have received before, and click Next. After that, seeing the message that the computer has become a part of the HomeGroup, click Finish to exist the wizard.


6. Perform the same joining process for other Windows 7 PCs.

To access files on the created Home Group

To access the sharable files, the host computer should be on and connected to the HomeGroup network. If you cannot see the HomeGroup name on the Windows Explorer, check whether the host computer is offline or not before sharing the files.

1. Click My Computer. On the left panel, you will see HomeGroup icon.

2. Click on the icon to shows a list of devices as well as the files they share.

3. If you want to add a video, a document or picture, click and drag it to the HomeGroup file folder. Thus, every member on the same network can read the file you share.

To leave a HomeGroup:

It is quite convenient to share what you want to between PCs using HomeGroup. However, you can join only one HomeGroup at a time. If there is need to swift to another HomeGroup, you have to leave the existing one first. Here is how:

1.Click Start, go to control panel.

2. Select Choose HomeGroup and sharing option menu.

3. At the opening sharing window, click Leave the homegroup… link. A popup window will ask you to confirm the change. Select Leave the homegroup to confirm the change.



Note:To create a HomeGroup may seem simple, but various computer users may still fail to congigure it correctly.

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