How to Change the Thickness of Blinking Cursor

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 9, 2014

Are you annoyed by the slim cursor that blinks among your lengthy Word but you have trouble locating it? That’s for sure, for those who has to deal with document all day long, the hard-to-identify cursor can be another misery. What’s more, many more who suffer from this don’t know that they can change how the cursor looks! Below are simple steps to set the thickness of cursor in your computer.


1. To start up, hit Win + I keys together to display Control Panel pane.


2. Then, move to Ease of Access and Optimize visual display link in the subsequent window.



3. Afterwards, you should be taken to another window similar to the one in the following.


Scroll down to locate Make the computer easier to see session, where you will see the option to set the thickness of the blinking cursor. From the drop-down options behind it, you can select the size of the cursor depending on your preference and the preview image will be displayed at the right panel.


4. Once you make up your mind and set up a particular numeral value, all you need to do is to click Apply and then OK button.


The next time you have to process any document, you’ll see that the cursor is darker and bigger than before and much more easier to locate.


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