How to Auto Shut Down the PC after a Download Completes in Firefox

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 13, 2014

When downloading some software larger like more than one GB, it could be a boring thing to wait around the computer for more than an hour, for example. Luckily, we can schedule the PC to shut down when a download is finished with a plug-in called Auto Shutdown NG in Firefox. Keep reading and take detailed steps.

Add Auto Shutdown NG to Your Firefox

Enable Auto Shutdown after a Download Completes

Add Auto Shutdown NG to Your Firefox

Step one- Open your Firefox, click Tools. Select Add-ons.
Step two- Type Auto Shutdown NG in the search dialog. And click the search button.
Step three- Click Install after the correct add-on.

Minutes later, Auto Shutdown NG add-on will be installed to your Firefox and you can check it in your Add-ons.

Enable Auto Shutdown after a Download Completes

Step one- Click Tools icon and select Add-ons again.
Step two- Click Options after the newly installed Auto Shutdown NG add-on.
Step three- Click Open Preferences tab.
Step four- Click the Command drop-down list, and select [Shutdown] Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Step five- You can also set a notification time period.
Step six- Click Save.
Now you can download a software package. When the download has been completed, the notification window opens and counts down before the shut down. You can click Cancel to halt the count down.
Or if you leave the count down going on, the computer will later shut down automatically.

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