How to Auto hide TaskBar in Windows 8 (Different Ways)

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 18, 2014

How to Auto hide TaskBar in Windows 8 (Different Ways)

If you don’t like the Taskbar to appear on your desktop all the time, you can easily set it to auto hide when not in use. You may need to hide the taskbar because you need more space on your desktop, or maybe you feel that it just gets in the way and you want it to appear only when you need it. Like what you can do in Windows 7, to change settings to auto hide Taskbar in Windows 8 is rather easy. And you can make use of a few different ways to do it. Keep reading on.
Auto Hide Taskbar through Taskbar Properties

Auto Hide Taskbar through Group Policy

Auto Hide Taskbar through Registry Key

Auto Hide Taskbar through Taskbar Properties

Method one is rather simple and meets your needs directly. That is, Taskbar contains properties settings as well to allow you make changes as you wish.
Step one- Right click on any blank space on the Taskbar. Select Properties.


Step two- Check Auto-hide the taskbar option in Taskbar tab.


Step three- Click Apply, then OK.


If you want to make Taskbar appear on the desktop, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen or the Taskbar area, and then do the same to uncheck the option.

Auto Hide Taskbar through Group Policy

Group Policy is a useful tool or application in later versions of Windows. And you can activate it via Run.
Step one- Press Windows key and R together to open Run, then type gpedit.msc in the dialog box. And click OK.


Step two- In the pop-up Local Group Policy Editor window, expand User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, and Start Menu and Taskbar.


Step three- In the right pane, double click on Lock all taskbar settings.


Step four- Check Enabled. And click Ok.


After then, all taskbar settings will be locked while you won’t be able to resize, move or arrange toolbars on the Taskbar. But you can change it back by checking Disable option.

Auto Hide Taskbar through Registry Key

Registry editor is a dramatic tool but it’s not advisable to make changes without back-up especially when you are a computer naive. This method to auto hide Taskbar is for those who may be interested.

Step one- Hit Windows key and R to open Run again. Then type regedit.exe in the dialog box and press Enter.


Step two- Navigate to


Step three- Double click on Settings in the right pane. Change the bellowing blue value to 02, and click OK.


You’d better back up the registry keys before you make any changes.

Though the above methods may not be available in all versions of Windows, it’s worth having a try. But if you find odd performance that the Taskbar appears or disappears automatically though you do not move the cursor there, you had better consider running a virus scan to the system. For some dangerous and malicious virus could change your system settings to cause chaos.

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