How to Add Task Manager to Right-click Context Menu

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 29, 2014

Task Manager is a very essential Windows tool to show what software is running. We are able to end crashed processes with the Task Manager. Some would like to use a hotkey ‘Shift+Ctrl+Esc’ or ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ (then click on Start Task Manager) to open Task Manager, while some will create a shortcut of Task Manager on the desktop. But for me, I’d like to add it to the desktop context menu. Then it’s quite easy to access by right clicking on any blank space. Here is how to do the quick tweak.

Steps to Add Task Manager to Desktop Context Menu in Windows

Step one- Press Windows key and R combination, type regedit in the Run dialog box. And hit Enter.
Step two- Navigate to the following key.
Step three- Right-click on shell, select New, then Key.
Step four- Give the name Task Manager to the new created key.
Step five- Right-click on newly created Task Manager key, select New, then Key.
Step six- Name the created subkey as command.

Step seven-
Highlight the command key, right-click on (default) key in the right pane, and select Modify.

Step eight-
Type taskmgr in the Value data text box. And click OK.
Now you can close the Registry Editor window and right-click on the desktop to check the trick. You’ll always see a Task Manager option in the context menu. If you have any question, please leave a comment below.

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