How to Add Recycle Bin or Control Panel to My Computer

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 16, 2014

It should be a simple and easy job to add an app or folder shortcut to the My Computer window. However, you may get stuck when trying to add Recycle Bin or Control Panel to My Computer by creating a new shortcut. Actually, to add such programs to the My Computer window, you have to make some changes to the Registry. This post will outline the way to accomplish it.


Add Recycle Bin or Control Panel to My Computer Step by Step

Step one- Hit Windows key and R combination, and type regedit in the dialog box.
Step two- Navigate to the following key folder.
Step three- Now right-click on NameSpace and create a new key.
Step four- Right-click on the created key and choose Rename.

Step five-
Add the following title to the key.

For a Recycle Bin shortcut

For a Control Panel shortcut

For a Printers shortcut

For a Filp 3D shortcut


Done! you can now close the registry window and open your Windows Explorer and then Computer to check the result. If you do not like this file menu, you can restore it back as before by deleting the new key in the Registry.

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