How to Add A Hidden Wireless Network in Windows 8/8.1

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 23, 2014

A hidden wireless network will be more securer for you and reduce the chance of being attacked from cyber criminals. However, as it is not displayed on the available network list, you may have no way to connect to it. Below are the procedures that will guide you through connecting a hidden wireless network manually. Please read on.

Step one: Hit Win + Q to bring up the search box, enter sharing center.


Step two: Find and click Network and Sharing Center link. After it opens up, locate Change your networking settings session and hit Set up a new connection or network link.


Step three: This will trigger off a new dialogue, from the displayed menu, select Manual connect to a wireless network option. Click Next to proceed.


Step four: Afterwards, you will be required to fill in the security information of the wireless network, including network name, security type (whether it is WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK) and password in the security key session. Also, remember to tick the check-box before Connect even if the network is not broadcasting since the network is hidden.


Tips: In case that you don’t want to connect or add this network manually next time, you can mark the check-box before Check Start this connection automatically once it is available.

Step five: After you finish entering all the information and select desired options properly, click Next button. You will be prompted that the network is successfully added. Click Close to exit the dialogue box.


That’s all it takes! After going through all steps, you should be able to connect to the hidden network now. Make sure you have filled in all needed information and data correctly and fully. In case that you still fail to build up the connection, go back and have a check over the configuration again!

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