Four Steps to Encrypt Personal Data in Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - July 2, 2014

Personal information is very important for every people. And they don’t want anybody to access their privacy without approval. So, do you known how to protect your crucial information stored on your PC from being violated? In some cases, some computer users will use third party software to protect their data. But in this tutorial, you just need to take several easy steps to encrypt your files and folders without third party software in Windows 8.1.

1. To encrypt a file or folder, you should access File Explorer folder. Move the cursor to the top right corner of the Start screen to open the Charm bar, and type explorer to search for File Explorer and click it.
how to encrypt

2. Select a file or folder you want to encrypt. And Right click it and select the Properties.

3. On the General tab, click the Advanced button in the Attributes section.
Advanced button

4. On the Advanced Attribute dialog box, select the Encrypt contents to secure data option and click OK. Then close the dialog box.
Encrypt option

5. Click Ok when the Confirm Attribute Changes dialog box shows up.
Confirm box

Attention: On the Taskbar you will receive a pop-up warning after you encrypt your file or folder. If you want to back up your encryption key in case the original one is lost, you just click the pop-up to start backup.
backup warning

1. Click the Back up now (Recommended) when the Encrypting File System dialog box pops up.

2. Click the Next button on the Certificate Export Wizard.
Next button

3. Accept the default selection for the file format and click Next.
Accept default settings

4. You are asked to select a way to protect the private key. Select the Password check box and create a password and again in the Confirm password box. Click Next.

5. On the File to Export, click Browse. Locate the encrypted file or folder and click it, and click Save button. Make sure that the encryption certificate and key file or folder is saved on a safe place. Click Next when your file is entered in the File name box.

6. Click Finish button when you complete the Certificate Export Wizard. A dialog box displays saying the export was successful. Click OK to close it.

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