Fix Windows Error: You Have Files Waiting To Be Burned to Disc

Posted by Britt Duncan - August 12, 2014

If you get a balloon which says that you have files waiting to be burned to disk, it means that there was an error when you tried to copy the files earlier and the copy didn’t completely successfully. If you want to stop the balloon pops up with every Windows’ start-up, you can check out this tutorial. Here, you will learn two methods to fix this Windows error. To solve the problem, you just need to delete some temporary files that are waiting to be burned to disk.
you have files waiting to be burned to disc

Method One

1. Open your Computer in Windows 7 & 8 or This PC in Windows 8.1.

2. Right click or swipe down on the CD or DVD drive with the issue, and click or tap on the Delete temporary files.
3. Click or tap on Yes to confirm deletion.

Method Two

1. Hit Win + R keys to open Run box, and type Shell:cd burning then hit Enter.

2. You will open the Temporary Burn Folder, the location of the folder as below:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Temporary Burn Folder

3. Make sure that all the files in the Temporary Burn Folder can be seen, you need to show all hidden files, folders and drives.

4. Click the Organize and select Folder and search options. In the View tab, check Show hidden files and folders.
show hidden files, folders and drives

5. Select all files in the Temporary Burn Folder and delete them.

6. Restart your PC, and you will not see the balloon again.

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