Fix Microsoft Office Crash in Safe Mode

Posted by Britt Duncan - December 18, 2014

For those who deal with lengthy passages all day long, it might happen that your most helpful tool, Microsoft Word, gets crashed and doesn’t start properly. In such cases, no matter how many times you try to close and reopen it, the annoying problem persists. Then, what can you do to fix this? In fact, just like Windows provides you with a Safe Mode to help troubleshoot the problem, Microsoft Word does the same. Please continue reading.



Before you try to open your file, hold Ctrl key first. Then, Word will ask for your permission to open the Safe Mode. Hit Yes and you will be able to enter Word with Safe Mode.


Another way to access this mode is using command line. Click Win + R to open Run box, and type winword /safe. Hit Enter to proceed.


There it is! You may notice the Safe Mode behind your file name in the title bar. Also, some functions of the Word remain grayed out. That’s because Word load the most essential components only so that you can identify what has gone wrong or causes the trouble. So, don’t try to process your important files under this mode, which can not be saved.


This trick works for other products of Microsoft, like Excel, Power point. So, if you face any start-up problems of those applications, you can type the corresponding command to enter Safe Mode for troubleshoot them.

Enter Excel /safe for opening Excel in safe mode


Enter Powerpnt /safe for launching Power Point in safe mode



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