Fix Error 0×80070426: Your account wasn’t changed to this Microsoft account

Posted by Britt Duncan - October 4, 2014

In Windows 8 or later editions, we are allowed to sign in the system with a local account or a Microsoft account easily. It’s rather common that we switch from a local account to a Microsoft account so as to use Windows store smoothly. But chances could be that a notification pops up stating “Your account wasn’t changed to this Microsoft account” with an error code “0×80070426”. This article will list detailed steps to fix the issue. Keep reading on.

How to Fix Your Account Wasn’t Changed to This Microsoft Account Issue

Note: Before taking the steps, it’s highly advised to create a System Restore point in case of any accident.
Step one- Hit Windows and R combination to open Run dialog box, type regedit and press Enter.
Step two- Press Ctrl + F to open Find window. Type your Microsoft account email ID in the “Find what” dialog, for example or Check options Keys, Values, and Data. Then click Find Next.
Step three- There would come around these two registry keys in the result:

Step four- Right click on each of them, select Export. Find a location to save the key.
Step five- Open the folder you saved the exported registry keys, and delete them.

Restart your PC to make the system fix the “Your account wasn’t changed to this Microsoft account” issue.

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