Easy Ways to Shut Down/Reboot Windows 8 PC—How-to-Tutorial

Posted by Britt Duncan - March 6, 2014

Have trouble in closing your new Windows 8? It is nothing to be ashamed of!The post here shows you three easy ways to close or restart your win 8!

Method 1:

1. Activate the Charms bar. Drag the mouse to the upper right-hand corner or press Win + C together.

2. Click Settings button or gear-like icon. When the setting panel appears, click Power icon to bring up power options.

3. Click Shut down/Restart based on individual need.

Method 2:

1. Press Win + I to display the Settings panel.

2. Click Power icon. On the displaying power options, select either Shut down/Restart based on individual need.

Method 3:

1. Activate Shut Down Windows. On taskbar or desktop, press ALT+F4 together.

2. Select Shut down/Restart option based on individual need.


Attention: By following the steps above, you should have shut down or restarted win 8 successfully.

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