Easy Ways to Change Logon Password on Windows 7 & Windows 8

Posted by Britt Duncan - April 25, 2014

It will be more secure to have a logon password to protect your privacy when you are away from the PC. If you afraid that the current password is not strong enough or want to have a securer one, you can follow the steps outlined below to change it.

Windows 7 Users:

Method One:

1. Click Start and Control Panel. When Control Panel open, search for and click User Accounts.





2. There will be a Change your password option displaying, click it to proceed.



3. You will be prompted to type in current password. Input it twice to make sure they match. Next, in the given blank box, enter the new password box twice. In case that you might forget what you have set up for password, you can also type a password hint in the hit box to help you recall the password. After all these settings are configured, click Change password to confirm the changes.


Method Two:

1. Tap CTRL+ALT+Delete at the same time on a activated PC. This will trigger off the setting menu, select Change a password from the list.



2. Type your old password first to confirm that you have the authority to make changes, write a new password and rewrite it again to check whether or not you have it right. Press Enter to take effect the changes.


Windows 8 Users:

Method One:

1. Display the Charm bar, select Settings and then Change PC settings link.




2. Click Users and then Change your password. Upon receiving the prompt requiring you to enter the current password. Input it correctly and click Next button to continue.


3.Type a new Password in the new password box twice and a password hint if needed. Click Next and then Finish button when you’re finished.








Method Two:

1. Press CTRL+ALT+Delete altogether and choose Change a password from the popup menu.



2. Type your old password, a new password and the new password again respectively for the password change settings and then press Enter to confirm the changes.





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