Easy Way to Delete a Virus from a Flash Drive

Posted by Britt Duncan - March 28, 2014

Flashes drives are convenient to transfer files between computers. Especially, when you have to access the data at a different place, you can just pick up the tiny stuff and there is no need to drag the computer alongside with you. But, if your flash drive is infected by obnoxious viruses, it turns out to be a carrier for malware and may damage any computer it connects to. This post is going to show you two easy and helpful ways to eliminate the viruses incubated inside a flash drive and safeguard the computer. Please read more.

Step One: Retrieve essential files saved on the flash drive.

1. Plug the flash drive in a computer.
2. Create a file folder on a random part of a computer, like desktop.
3. Search for and copy the important files into the file folder that you create just now on the computer.

Note: Remember to save the necessary pictures, music files, videos, documents, etc, only, instead of all files. The virus may lurk in the flash drive as invisible files and remain inside if you make copy of the all files. Also, avoid launching any .exe file which may indeed activate the PC infection.

Step Two: Format the infected flash drive.

1. Double click Computer icon on the desktop, click the infected flash drive to select it.

2. Right click on the flash drive and choose Format from the pop-up menu.

3. Make sure that it is the flash drive you want to clean and click Start and then OK on the warning message.

Step Three: Scan the flash drive with legitimate antivirus programs.

The virus should be cleaned out when you finish the formatting. However, it is harmless to double check, isn’t it? Scan the flash drive with whichever security product you have on the computer. If there is no threat detected, then proceed.

Step Four: Move the saved files back to the flash drive.

Now that the virus has been erased, you can continue to transfer the stored files from the computer back to your flash drive.

Attention: though you may not intentionally load the virus onto the computer, it may sneak into your system when you connect the flash drive to the PC without notice. In that case, the PC is in great danger. If the antivirus applications keep popping up security alerts after you have the infection removed, it is probably that you are dealing with a foxy threat that automatic tools cannot handle. If so, it is recommended to check your system with this powerful Automatic Virus Removal Tool for hidden malware.

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Note: SpyHunter is a powerful anti-malware tool. Its malware scanner checks to see if your computer is infected with malware for free. If you want to remove the detected malware, you will need to purchase it. More information about the program can be found in SpyHunter review. If you do not want to use it, uninstall SpyHunter here.

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