Easy Steps to Customize Windows Command Prompt

Posted by Britt Duncan - September 24, 2014

Fed up with tedious look of classic Command Prompt? Every time you open it up, it always shows you a black window with white lines. Want to make it more special? You can add some color to it! Let’s take a look at what you can do with Command Prompt!

Open up Command Prompt, type color/? and hit Enter. You will be able to see all the code representing each available color.


By entering corresponding two digits, you can change the color easily. Remember that the first digit is set to alter the background color and the second one is the font. For example, if you want a light yellow background with gray foreground, just put in color E8 and tap Enter.


Not bad! Let’s try another one. color 2D applies for green background and light purple font. Here’s how it looks.


You can try various combination of colors. But the system won’t let you set the two with the same color. Otherwise, you can see nothing. In case that you change your mind and want to go for the classic look, just type color and then Enter. You will have the default setting with black background and white font.


But this kind of modification is temporary which means once you close down the Command Prompt, it goes back to default settings. If you would like to save the changes as long as you want, make the changes in Properties settings of Command Prompt.

After you are at the interface of Command Prompt, right click on the title bar and select Properties from the menu.


Switch to Colors tab, where you can change the screen text, background, pop-up text and pop-up background by simply selecting the color button below.


If you are not satisfied with the font, move to Font tab. It’s handy to change to any type of font you want.


That’s it. That’s where you can make changes to Command Prompt. But, how fantastic it can look depends on your creativity.

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