Adding Control Panel Submenu to the Start Menu in Windows 7

Posted by Britt Duncan - May 27, 2014

The Control Panel is the most important section in the Windows operating system. In general, we can enter the Control Panel via the Start Menu. However, in Windows 7, you can set up the computer to allow you to directly access to individual Control Panel items straight from the Start Menu. Here are the steps you can follow.

control panel

Step1: Right click on the Taskbar, then select Properties option.

Step2: Move to Start Menu tab when you get a setting dialog box.
start menu

Step3: In the Start Menu tab, you can click the Customize button.
start menu

Step4: Look at Control Panel option and check the Display as a Menu. And click Ok button.
display as a menu

When you open Start Menu again, and move the cursor to the Control Panel. Then you’ll see a submenu with all items.

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