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Posted by Britt Duncan - March 26, 2014

When you stumble into a favorite website on the Internet and want to visit later, it is quite convenient for you to bookmark it on the web browser and fetch it later with just a click. Also, you can categorize all saved websites to make them neat and easy to remember. This article shows you how to manage bookmarks (or favorites) on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Manage Favorites on Internet Explorer :

Add a new Favorite : Open the website you want to save, click Favorites button. On the drop-down menu, click Add to put the site address into Favorite.



Categorize Favorites: Click Favorite button and then drop-down menu next to Add to Favorites. Choose Organize Favorites.



Click the New Folder button and type in any category name you, such as online shopping, music, blog, ect, and then press Enter. Afterwards, you can click and hold a Favorite to drag it into this folder.


Also, when there are too many favorites on the list, you may want to rearrange them according to priority, usage frequency, or type on the main list or within a folder. All you have to do is to click on the Favorite or folder, hold it and move it to up or down to the place you want to put it. Then release the mouse.


Another way to reorganize the Favoriteor Favorite Category is to right click on it, select Sort by name from drop-down menu. Thus, you now can see the Favorite is sorted alphabetically.

Delete a Favorite: If you want to remove a specific Favorite/Favorite Category from the list or mistakenly add a Favorite for twice, you can right click on it and select Delete options to remove it. Click Yes to confirm the removal once receiving a prompt.



Manage Bookmarks on Mozilla Firefox :

Add a new bookmark : First of all, you have to open the website you would like to save, locate at the top of it and right click on the mouse. From the drop-down menu, select Bookmark this site (or press Ctrl + D all together).

A bookmark options window will display automatically, you can rename the site, put it in a specific folder or add a tag. Then click Done.


Categorize bookmarks: Click Firefox button on the top left corner of the browser, select Bookmarks. The library shows up.


At this window, right click at the blank place or on a bookmark, you can select :

* New Folder to create a new folder.
* Sort By Name to rearrange bookmarks within a folder.
*Open in a New Tab to activate the website on another tab.

If you select a existing folder and right click on it, you can choose:

* New Folder to create a new folder.
* Sort By Name to rearrange the bookmark category.
*Open All Tabs to display all websites saved in the selected folder.


Delete a bookmark: To remove a certain bookmark, right click it and select Delete from the list. Or, if you attempt to delete a folder, select the folder instead and then click Delete to remove it. But note that, by removing a folder, all the saved websites under this folder will be deleted completely.




Manage Bookmarks on Google Chrome :

Add a new bookmark : Right click on the top of website you want to save and select Bookmark this page . Alternatively, you can tap Ctrl + D together. At the pop-up window, put in a name and select a place to save. Then click strong>Done.

Categorize bookmarks: Click Customize and control Google Chrome button on the top right corner, move toBookmarks option and select Bookmark manager from the list.

At the Bookmark manager window, you can rename/delete/create a folder by selecting Rename/Delete/Add folder command from the right-click menu.

To manage a single bookmark, select it and open the right-click drop-down menu. After that, you can either Edit/Cut/Open the bookmark with respective options.

Delete a bookmark/folder: Right click on a specific bookmark/folder and select Delete menu. You should know that by removing a folder, you will lose all bookmarks saved within it.

Note:Through the elaboration above, you now should be able to manage bookmarks on IE/Firefox/Chrome easily. But if you notice some strange bookmarks adding on the browsers without your operation, and popping up again and again after you try to remove them from the list, you should be alert. This kind of situation happen when the browser is attacked by a browser hijacker! If so, it is recommended to check your system with this powerful Automatic Virus Removal Tool for hidden malware.

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